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TUGboat 2:2, July 1981

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Title page   
Addresses of officers, authors and others   
General Delivery
General Delivery   3-11 
Official announcements   
General Delivery
Chairman's report 
  Michael Spivak 
Editor's remarks 
  Robert Welland 
Report on the May 1981 TUG Steering Committee meeting 
  Robert Morris 
TUG Treasurer's report 
  Samuel B. Whidden 
Proposal for institutional support of TUG 
  Robert Morris 
Report: TeX Implementors' Workshop, Stanford, 14–15 May 1981 
  Barry Doherty 
Workshop attendees   
Preliminary announcement: TUG meeting, Cincinnati, January 1982 
  Tom Pierce 
Ask not what TUG can do for you, ask what you can do for TUG! 
  Patrick Milligan 
A proposal for a machine independent tape interchange standard 
  Patrick Milligan 
The format of TeX's DVI files, Version 1 
  David Fuchs 
Some feedback from PTEX installations 
  Ignacio Zabala 
TeX and hyphenation 
  Frank M. Liang 
TeX on small machines 
  Kent S. Harris, Robert M. McClure 
Output Devices
Output device news flash (APS-5 and Linotron 202) 
  David Fuchs 
Summary of computing equipment and output devices   25 
Imagen (Canon LBP-10) 
  Luis Trabb-Pardo 
Site Reports
TeX under the North Star 
  Thea Hodge, Michael Frisch 
DECSystem-10/20 Implementation Workshop announcement 
  Phil Sherrod 
Site Reports   28-34 
AMS site report 
  Barbara Beeton 
TeX at NIH 
  Rachel Schwab 
TeX at the 1981 Spring DECUS U.S. Symposium 
  Patrick Milligan 
An implementation report for the Univac 1100 
  Bill Kelly 
Availability of Oregon Software implementation of TeX for the VAX/VMS 
  Monte Nichols 
TeX for VAX/VMS 
  Barry Smith 
TUG Font Committee 
  Barry Doherty 
Fonts   34-42 
The status of Metafont at OCLC 
  Thomas B. Hickey 
Font development at the AMS 
  William J. LeVeque 
  Ronald Whitney 
Proofmode and magnification 
  Barry Doherty, Ronald Whitney 
Warnings & Limitations
Uppercase update; Fickle fonts 
  Barbara Beeton 
Greetings from the Editor 
  Lynne Price 
Erratum: NOFILL program 
  Patrick Milligan 
Macros on microfiche   43 
TeX macros for automatic font code allocation 
  Patrick Milligan 
A macro menagerie 
  Brendan McKay 
Macro madness 
  Michael Spivak 
Greetings from the Editor 
  Lynne Price 
Problems   54-56 
Problems from the TeXarcana course   54-56 
Fácil TeX 
  Max Díaz 
         Appendix A
Balancing columns of text and translation 
  Johnny Stovall 
  Lynne Price 
Input-dependent macro redefinition 
  Michael Spivak 
  Lynne Price 
Instructions for submitting TUGboat articles on magnetic tape 
Membership application and order form 
TeX and Metafont Errata; TUG membership list 

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