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TUGboat 17:2, June 1996

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TUG 1996 Proceedings (Dubna, Russia)

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News & Announcements
Production notes 
  Mimi Burbank 
Opening Address
Opening Words by the President 
  Michel Goossens 
Cyrillic alphabets 
  Karel Píška 
The dc fonts 1.3: Move towards stability and completeness 
  Jörg Knappen 
TIPA: A system for processing phonetic symbols in LaTeX 
  Fukui Rei 
Computer Modern Typefaces as Multiple Master Fonts 
  Alexander Berdnikov 
VFComb 1.3—the program which simplifies virtual font management 
  Alexander Berdnikov 
Encoding and Multilingual Support
ΩTimes and ΩHelvetica fonts under development: Step One 
  Yannis Haralambous 
Extending TeX for Unicode 
  Richard Kinch 
Russian encoding plurality problem and a new Cyrillic font set 
  L. N. Znamenskaya, Sergei V. Znamenskii 
Cyrillic TeX files: Interplatform portability 
  Peter A. Ovchenkov 
A user-friendly multi-function TeX interface based on Multi-Edit 
  Michael M. Vinogradov 
Full Cyrillic: How many languages? 
  Olga Lapko 
TeX Systems
The latest developments in Ω 
  John Plaice, Yannis Haralambous 
StarTeX—a TeX for beginners 
  Dag Langmyhr 
Do journals honor LaTeX submissions? 
  Gabriel Valiente Feruglio 
A new approach to the TeX-related programs: A user-friendly interface 
  Sergei V. Znamenskii, Denis E. Leinartas 
The strait gate to TeX 
  Ivan G. Vsesvetsky 
DVI-based electronic publication 
  Laurent Siebenmann 
BLUe's format—the off-off alternative 
  Kees van der Laan 
Turtle graphics and TeX—a child can do it 
  Kees van der Laan 
Some useful macros which extend the LaTeX picture environment 
  Alexander Berdnikov, O.A. Grineva, S.B. Turtia 
News & Announcements
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TUG Business
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TeX consulting and production services   235 
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