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TUGboat 14:3, October 1993

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TUG 1993 Proceedings (Aston, UK)

Complete issue 14:3 as one pdf (16mb) 
Inside front cover   c2 
Title page   157 
Editorial and Production Note 
  Sebastian Rahtz, Mimi Burbank 
Obituary — Yuri Melnichuk 
  Malcolm Clark 
Opening Words 
  Christina Thiele 
Conference Program   160-161 
Keynote Addresses
The future of TeX and TUG 
  Christina Thiele 
A new typesetting system: Is it really necessary? 
  Joachim Lammarsch 
TeX from \indent to \par 
  Marek Ryćko, Bogusław Jackowski 
NTS: The future of TeX? 
  Philip Taylor 
A future for TeX 
  Roger Hunter 
Macro Packages
LexiTeX: Context-sensitive legal citations for LaTeX 
  Frank G. Bennett, Jr. 
Using TeX and METAFONT to build complicated maps 
  Daniel Taupin 
MusicTeX: Using TeX to write polyphonic or instrumental music 
  Daniel Taupin 
A format compilation framework for European languages 
  Laurent Siebenmann 
Working with TeX
Bibliography prettyprinting and syntax checking 
  Nelson Beebe 
A TeX user's guide to ISO's Document Style Semantics and Specification Language (DSSSL) 
  Martin Bryan 
TeX and SGML: A recipe for disaster? 
  Peter Flynn 
An abstract model for tables 
  Xinxin Wang, Derick Wood 
Developing a multi-windowing environment for research based on TeX 
  Michel Lavaud 
A versatile TeX device driver 
  Minato Kawaguti 
Language Issues
Typesetting Catalan texts with TeX 
  Gabriel Valiente Feruglio, Robert Fuster 
The Khmer script tamed by the Lion (of TeX) 
  Yannis Haralambous 
Language-dependent ligatures 
  John Plaice 
Virtual fonts in a production environment 
  Michael Doob, Craig Platt 
Where are the math fonts? 
  Berthold K.P. Horn 
A PS font installation package written in TeX 
  Alan Jeffrey 
Math font encodings: A workshop summary 
  Alan Jeffrey 
Macro Writing
An application of literate programming: Creating a format for the Bulletin of the Polish TUG 
  Włodzimierz Bzyl, Tomasz Przechlewski 
Galleys, space, and automata 
  Jonathan Fine 
Syntactic sugar 
  Kees van der Laan 
Sorting within TeX 
  Kees van der Laan 
Education and Archives
Teaching digital typography—the Didot Project 
  Mary Dyson 
Russian-speaking user: From Chi-Writer and Ventura Publisher to TeX; learning difficulties 
  Irina V. Gorbunova 
How to set up and maintain a TeX system 
  R. Allan Reese 
The Comprehensive TeX Archive Network (CTAN) 
  George Greenwade 
Participants at the 1993 TUG meeting   352-355 
TUG Business
Institutional members   356-357 
Calendar   358-359 
Index of advertisers   359 
TUG 1994 annual meeting, Santa Barbara, USA   360 
TUG individual membership application   361 
Advertisements   361-368 
TUG institutional membership application   362 
Consultants   363 

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