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TUGboat 10:4, December 1989

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TUG 1989 Conference Proceedings (Stanford, California)

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Title page   463 
Editorial information   464 
Editor's introduction 
  Christina Thiele 
Font Forum
Introduction to Metafont 
  Doug Henderson 
Opening Pandora's box 
  Neenie Billawala 
Fractal images with TeX 
  Alan Hoenig 
Design of Oriental characters with Metafont 
  Don Hosek 
Thai languages and Metafont 
  Bob Batzinger 
A Metafont-like system with PS output 
  John D. Hobby 
Migration from Computer Modern fonts to Times fonts 
  R.E. Youngen, W.B. Woolf, D.C. Latterner 
Fine typesetting with TeX using native Autologic fonts 
  Arvin C. Conrad 
Notes on the errors of TeX 
  Donald Knuth 
TeX Training
Of the computer scientist, by the computer scientist, for the computer scientist 
  Michael Doob 
Mastering TeX with templates 
  Hope Hamilton 
Using WordPerfect 5.0 to create TeX and LaTeX documents 
  Anita Hoover 
TeX for the word processing operator 
  Robin L. Kubek 
TeX and its versatility in office production 
  Jo Ann Rattey-Hicks 
General Applications
TeX in México 
  Max Díaz 
TeX for 30,000 
  James Haskell, Wally Deschene, Alan Stolleis 
TeX enslaved 
  Alan Wittbecker 
Graphics Applications
Methodologies for preparing and integrating PS graphics 
  J.T. Renfrow 
texpic—Design and implementation of a picture graphics language in TeX à la pic 
  Rolf Olejniczak-Burkert 
Database Applications
TeX at Mathematical Reviews 
  D.C. Latterner, W.B. Woolf 
Lexicography with TeX 
  Jörgen L. Pind 
General Information
Olde worlde TeX 
  Malcolm Clark 
The UKTeX archive at the University of Aston 
  Peter Abbott 
TeX Tools
With LaTeX into the nineties 
  Frank Mittelbach, Rainer Schöpf 
TeXreation—playing games with TeX's mind 
  Andrew Marc Greene 
A permuted index for TeX and LaTeX 
  William Cheswick 
LaTeX memos and letters 
  Steve Sydoriak 
Inserts in a multiple-column format 
  Gary Benson, Debi Erpenbeck, Janet Holmes 
TeX Macros for COBOL syntax diagrams 
  Mary McClure 
Creating an efficient and workable PC interface for TeX 
  Don L. Riley, Brad L. Halverson 
TUG membership application   760 
List of participants at the Stanford meeting (August 20–23, 1989)   761-765 
Index of advertisers   765 

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