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TUGboat 10:1, April 1989

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Title page   
Editorial information   
Addresses   3-4 
General Delivery
General Delivery   5-10 
Donald E. Knuth Scholarship   
Announcing a TUG dingbat competition   5-6 
From the President 
  Bart Childs 
Editorial comments 
  Barbara Beeton 
    TeX news;     TUGboat selections on-line;     More honors for Knuth
A TeX encounter in Japan 
  Barbara Beeton 
TeX would find it difficult … 
  Donald Knuth 
News from the VorTeX project 
  Michael Harrison 
An enhanced TeX-editor interface for VMS 
  Adrian Clark 
The virtual memory management of PubliC TeX 
  Klaus Thull 
TurboMetafont: A new port in C for UNIX and MS-DOS 
  Richard Kinch 
The TeX PS software package 
  Stephan von Bechtolsheim 
A handy little font 
  Georgia K.M. Tobin 
Typesetting Concrete Mathematics 
  Donald Knuth 
Outline fonts with Metafont 
  Doug Henderson 
Font news 
  Dominik Wujastyk 
Computer graphics and TeX—a challenge 
  David F. Rogers 
A portable graphics inclusion 
  Bart Childs, Alan Stolleis, Don Berryman 
Output Devices
TeX output devices (with charts) 
  Don Hosek 
Report from the DVI driver standards committee 
  Don Hosek 
High quality printing of TeX DVI output files in the VAX/VMS environment 
  Marius Broeren, Jan van Knippenberg 
Output driver for Xerox 4045 on IBM 3090 
  Arturo Puente 
Site Reports
UKTeX and the Aston archive 
  Peter Abbott 
Site Reports   59-62 
DG site report 
  Bart Childs 
UnixTeX site report 
  Pierre MacKay 
VAX/VMS site report 
  David Kellerman 
Typesetting on PCs
The land of the free and the near free 
  Alan Hoenig 
AmigaTeX… or How envy was resisted and knowledge found on the road to Ööç 
  Kim Kubik 
Using TeX and LaTeX with WordPerfect 5.0 
  Michael Modest 
A page make-up macro 
  Joost Zalmstra, David F. Rogers 
Extended equation numbering in Plain TeX 
  James Nearing 
APE—A set of TeX macros to format Ada programs 
  Sriram Sankar 
Contents of LaTeX style collection as of 16 January 1989 
  Michael DeCorte 
“A new implementation of the array—and tabular—environments of LaTeX” (TUGboat 9#3)—addenda 
  Frank Mittelbach 
Drawing histogram bars inside the LaTeX picture–environment 
  Rainer Schöpf 
Vertical centering for transparencies 
  DezsŐ Nagy 
Typesetting bridge via LaTeX 
  Kees van der Laan 
News & Announcements
WOODMAN '89: Workshop on Object Oriented Document Manipulation, Rennes, France, 29–31 May 1989   116 
News & Announcements   116-120 
Calendar   117 
GUTenberg Congrès: TeX et les graphiques, Paris, 16–17 May 1989   118 
TeX89: Karlsruhe University, 11–13 September 1989   118 
A UK TeX users' group—Report of a preliminary meeting 
  David Osborne 
Late-Breaking News
Late-Breaking News   120-121 
Production notes 
  Barbara Beeton 
Coming next issue   121 
TUG Business
Institutional members   122-124 
TUG membership application   125 
Index of advertisers   142 
Computers and Typesetting: Errata and Changes 

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